Sweet as Switzerland.

I was in Luzern, Switzerland about 2 months ago during the height of the European summer. What a treat it was! Living in Australia we have very little mountainous country, we have stunning landscapes nonetheless but I can never seem to get out of the city enough to enjoy them.

I also found Switzerland extremely interesting for its political and military situations. In my humble and undergraduate opinion, I think Switzerland is getting it right.

Ever neutral, this country has no leader, just a parliament that puts to shame the current state of Australian politics. Switzerland has the highest wealth per adult in the world and Zurich is ranked 2nd  as having the highest living standard in the world.

The armed forces are what really impressed me though. Switzerland has a policy of mandatory military service at the age of 19. After their training those who do not remain in the armed forces are allowed to  keep their weapons (I found this alarming at first, but Switzerland has one of the lowest rate of armed violence in the world).

Those who leave the army are kept in reserve for much of their lives, though. Switzerland has 1.85 million males and 1.8 million females currently available for military service. If attacked Switzerland can produce the largest national army on the planet within 5 days. It is also law that every Swiss family have access to radiation and blast shelters. Though most have now been removed, until the 1980s many tunnels in the Swiss Alps were primed with demolition charges to be used against invading forces.

In short, Switzerland is not a country to be messed with.

Oh yeah, and then theres this exquisite beauty:


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