Annecy France

Keeping in my travel habit, I went to Annecy this weekend with some other exchange friends from my university. Annecy is located on the Eastern side of France, just beneath where Switzerland zig zags against the French Border.

This stunning panoramic shot uploaded by Emmanuel Boutet.

I went on a whim, deciding only a few days beforehand, but the friends that I tagged along with were plenty more organised than I was, and had planned this trip with specific intent- That weekend Annecy was hosting its annual Fete du Lac, an annual festival which celebrates the end of the harvest and farmer’s decent from the mountain pasteurs.


The tiny historical centre became a bustling market place, where local craft and delicacies were were sold. Traditional music and attire were abound and freshly squeezed apple juice flowed.


This wonderful occasion, coupled with the outstanding natural beauty of Annecy’s alpine location took my breath away.


Until as late as the French Revolution, Annecy belonged to Geneva. This accounts for the strong Swiss and German influences in the Savoie department, of which Annecy is the capital. In particular, this was reflected in the food- sausages, onions and potatoes stewed together in delicious raclettes with spicy, mulled wine and apple juice.


What more could I want from this picturesque little town, than a stack of great pictures!


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