Ye Olde London Town.

Continuing my epic love affair with London, I’ve dug up some shots I took while I was there during the July. It was an incredible way to spend my first week in London.

Age 19 still, first time travelling without my family, myself and a friend stayed with a good friend of my mothers- she was however sworn to secrecy about our shenanigans in London!!

I was told repeated during my time there, that I was receiving a skewed representation of London. The temperature was approaching 30 degrees each day, sunny and fine. I also stayed the week right before the London Olympics began. Such an amazing, exciting vibe. I was thriving on it.

A very London photo, taken outside Buckingham Palace.

While others assured me that London was always busy, it wasn’t always quite so organised, the streets so clean and public art installations, live music and festivals so common. But what a week.

So much colour in dreary old London.

National sentiment was everywhere!

I still adore London, having returned twice since then. And yes, Its been getting progressively more freeeezing! But thats okay. Theres a youthful and fast paced vibe in London that I want to be apart of in the future. I feel like its the right place for me to spend a few years working on my media career and generally sorting my life out.

Requirement: winter coat and ducted heating.

Beautiful experiences are only as good as the people you share them with.


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