Southwark strolling… London style.

A casual walk down London’s Southwark area during the height of Summer and Olympic fever was, to put it simply, entertaining. From London Bridge to Big Ben, the city was out to entertain and be entertained.

London is an incredible place. An thriving mix of historical significance and ambitious, youthful drive. Its no wonder this city has remained at the apex of modern culture and trend for over a millenium.

Spotted this guy in the skating area. He was thoroughly enjoying all the attention.

He had some pretty fancy tricks though. I wasn’t the only one snapping away as he zoomed about, flipping and defying gravity.

Speaking of fancy tricks, a couple of hundred metres away this charming magician/comedian stole my attention for a good half an hour. I especially love the expressions of the two boys in the background.

A simple as this shot is, its my favourite. This little champion was precariously balanced here for over 20 minutes having secured the best view. I assume he’d escaped his parents in the crowd and scrambled up the street light. A total boss, he was unfazed the by 20ft drop into the Thames behind him.


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