over-exposure and the ephemeral nature of memory

As it grows ever colder in my part of the world, I dream more and more of the summer months ahead in my home Australia. But I’m careful not to wish away my time here. I have 4 weeks today exactly until I leave. Its all flying by and I can’t seem to take it all in fast enough!

Ahh, in such stressful times of ephemeral experiences, I calm myself with the memories of our first weeks in Montpellier. Casual trips to the beach, each weekend. Early days of our wonderful friendships, now torn at the prospect of leaving each other. No worries. I’ll never get those days back with my dear, new friends who now feel like old friends. What a difference a couple of months made.

I took these photos at the beginning of experiments with my camera’s functions- what happens when i play with my shutter speed? Well, this:


What I’m most worried about is that my time here will become like these photos, blurred and bleached colourless by time and distance.


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