Joyeux Noel a tous!

I love the French- for a group of proud, loyal defenders of the intensely secular ‘Republique’ they sure know how to celebrate the birth of a deity. Christmas Markets are something of a trend in each city. Big or small, from gigantic Paris to tiny Sete, local councils pull out all the stops. Blocking off the major boulevards and encouraging local traders to take up a stall, in Montpellier’s case, little wooden houses with open shop fronts. The stalls always reflect the true culture of the region, in Montpellier’s market was overflowing with seafood and olive products, however a friend up in Annecy, said hers had an intensely German influence.

IMG_2258The spicy, sweet scent of mulled wine is everywhere, crepes, churros are being served up left right and center, and glace fruits glint like sweet jewels from numerous stands. Also for the first time this year, the local council seems to be accepting the huge Northern African/Islamic immigration in Montpellier. One lone stand is selling baclava and other Lebanese treats, with an adjoining Moroccan savoury and hot food counter. 

IMG_2244Oh, and theres also a marching band playing Christmas Carols. And I thought Australian Christmas’s were intense! No matter where you are, or whether or not you celebrate this day, I wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season, and thank you for finding my blog and taking the time to get to know me a bit.




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