Experimenting: Shutter Speed

Editing in post is very cool and its very easy to rescue previously dodgy picture. However, in camera editing feels like a true photography challenge and I love a chance to get to know my camera a bit better. A camera for which I am astonishingly amateur, but I love it all the more when I work and struggle and finally unlock some skills.

These are some photos that I’ve taken over the past few months. When every now and then, between snapping away at friends and tourist attractions, I’ve had the chance to switch to manual and just see what happens. These photos have all be taken an night, when light is its most romantic, late last year I also posted here about experimenting with shutter speeds during daylight.

IMG_2250 IMG_0893

IMG_2558 IMG_2553 IMG_2087 IMG_2083 IMG_2557 IMG_1983


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