What I learn from new cities/experiences/people.

First impressions are everything, and for me, a late afternoon stroll through Budapest was a wonderful introduction. In the low light, the old city had a rustic vibe and the Eastern European architecture was almost romantic.

Crossing from Pest into Buda, there was a notable change in the mood of the city. The new city, Pest was buzzing and lined with shopping outlets and restaurants. Whereas in Buda, the old city, we found the old architecture and government buildings, and beyond that, residential areas

IMG_2740The freezing cold late afternoon, and the low light over the city created a beautiful rose sky. As all the monuments began to light up at sunset there weren’t many people around and we really felt that we were seeing our own personal side of the city.

IMG_2774 IMG_2761I was in Budapest for only 3 days, however it wasn’t nearly long enough.

I don’t wish to be a tourist anymore when I visit new places. I’d really like to feel that each place means something to me. For me, its an experience in each city that I feel I couldn’t find anywhere else.

IMG_2780 IMG_2785 IMG_2787


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