Kreativ Blogger Awards…?

A big thank you to the Eat, Travel, Photograph blog for including me in her Kreativ Blogger award. I’ve never heard of this award before but I gather its almost like a chain mail version of inter-blog plugging. If that makes any sense. Its always wonderful to receive recognition from other bloggers and awards like this strengthen our online community, as well as promote creativity and the power of sharing.

The rules for accepting the award are: share 7 (random) facts about yourself and nominate 7 fellow kreativ bloggers!

– I hoade old school text books- just in case.

– I have a constant urge/fascination with shaving my head.

– Steven Fry is my dream man.

– Though so is Bobby Kennedy.

– I have a strange cluster of freckles on my upper right arm. It has been interpreted as the image of a running dog.

– I have broken 2 desk chairs in my lifetime, by leaning back too far repeatedly over an extended period of time.

– I collect maps.


Now heres seven bloggers, that I think deserve the Kreativ Award:


Happy Blogging x



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