Living in light.


This marks my first experience working with a model in a semi-professional sense. My model was a very dear friend of mine, which means we already had a rapport and trust that when lacking, can result in a slower start to a shoot and discomfort for both parties.

I followed the procedures I’d seen professionals use before-

– Discuss your expectations for the shoot in depth with model, well beforehand.

– Warm up. I spent the first 5 minutes adjusting my camera with practice shots. In reality, this simply gives the model a few minutes to relax in front on the camera, and feel the mood of the shoot.

– NEVER touch the model- even to just fix messy hair or clothes, ALWAYS ask the stylist to do it for you. In this case, my model was my stylist, so the process was far more streamlined.

– Never allow the model to see photos until the shoot is completely over. Similar to actors, this will only contribute to insecurity/unease for the model. A relaxed model is a happy model.

– Constant communication with model. Talking with your model, and constant encouragement is important to keep them relaxed. A good playlist also helps the mood.

– Lunch breaks, tea breaks, chill breaks. This really allowed me to step back and look at the shoot overall, and to ensure I was staying on track.


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