Tragedy on Swanston St.


Hello Everyone,

I apologise for lack of posts, I’ve been very busy of late. For many reasons, but thats for another post.
I’d like to tell you quickly what happened this afternoon in Melbourne my home town. We had a sudden cool change late last night and with it came powerful winds, all through the CBD. Unfortunately, these winds were so strong that at about 3pm this afternoon, an unsupported brick wall toppled over on Swanston st, crushing beneath it 3 university students. Two were killed instantly, the third has critical head injuries.

Swanston street is the most central street in the CBD, especially at its northern end, where Melbourne University and RMIT (my university) are. I know the wall that collapsed, it is close to the corner of Queensberry st. Many times I have walked to the Queensberry pub with friends, and I have often stopped to admire the posters and graffiti on this high brick fence. I was luckily 200m down the road in my communications building when this happened. Nonetheless my family responded quickly.

photo (8)

These three young people (probably students, though only one has been identified) were probably on their way to class, eagerly anticipating the Easter long weekend and a break from study. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. They had no warning, no time to escape or to prepare for what was happening.
They were in the midst of youth, probably happily chatting and laughing before two lives ended and one changed forever. The most terrible part is the two deceased teenagers have not yet been identified. Still this evening, somewhere in Melbourne their poor parents are waiting for their babies to come home.

May they rest in peace and all thoughts with the surviving teenager.


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